Spotted Bikini Punk Fitted Unitard Romper

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Stay comfortable all day in this sleeveless bodycon romper. @SPOTTEDBIKINI MOSIAC ART derivatives The World's First CryptoPunks Super Model associated with an apparel line. Not associated with Larvalabs but inspired by the magic of the NFTCommunity #FashionNFT;

connected with our NFT series on Opensea and our Punk Hype Project - popularize the PUNKS

This comes in a lightweight, breathable material that keeps you fresh and sweat-free during workouts and hot weather. The durable stretch material will last through multiple washes.


  1. 90% Polyester + 5% Spandex
  2. Slight stretch


  1. Spaghetti strap 
  2. 90%Polyester+10%spandex


Size Length(in/cm) chest(in/cm) Thigh(in/cm)
S 19.3/49 27.6/70 19.7/50
M 19.9/50.5 29.5/75 20.5/52
L 20.5/52 31.5/80 21.3/54
XL 21.1/53.5 33.5/85 22/56
2XL 21.7/55 35.4/90 22.8/58