We are a motivation collaborative representing Artist, Creative Story telling and Exquisite Fashion while featuring interviews of athletes, entrepreneurs and motivation figures. Do what you love it’s magic ™

Anime Physique started as a group of family and friends who wanted to motivate others and support creativity. 

Our Founder has a degrees in Art History & Anthropology from Portland State University, has had artwork featured on exhibit in multiple venues, as well as
Postgraduate Masters in Public Administration from The Evergreen State College. After over coming a rare lung disease herself while raising her son, and seeing the struggles her veteran (Army) spouse faces navigating their injuries, she sought to create a platform that shares the spirit of determination and dedication to goals which can seem like magic as it transforms one’s life. The three of them reached out to another artistic family member and now both households contribute to our design team. 

Our ideas fit in with those who seek a super hero adventure in the everyday, living an ordinary life extraordinarily. 

We’ve been fortunate enough to sponsor an aspiring artist named Ravi who’s artistic efforts to meet our vision has help shape the aesthetic of anime physique and it has been inspiring to watch that talent develop.

Showcasing talent, whether through interviews or collaborating with storytellers and other artists is part of our focus and we encourage you to reach out to us to be featured in media or represented in a featured collection. Sponsoring other artists is at the heart of Anime Physique  as it shows that hard work towards your dreams and goals is truly Magic.