We are a motivation collaborative representing artist, athletes, entrepreneurs  and exquisite apparel and fashion.

Anime Physique has been an ongoing collaboration which began by featuring interviews of athletes, influencers and motivation figures to share their success stories as well as what they hope to accomplish. We have adapted what we learned to encourage others to life joyfully which usually translates into successful living.

Anime Physique - Do what you love it’s magic ™

Anime Physique originated as a group of family and friends who wanted to motivate others and support creativity. Our goal is to create unique products for your daily life that inspire others to lightheartedly live artfully and strive to reach their potential. With our power comes purpose - Enjoy Life.

Our Founder has a degrees in Art History & Anthropology from Portland State University, has had artwork featured on exhibit in multiple venues, as well as
Postgraduate Masters in Public Administration from The Evergreen State College. After over coming a rare lung disease herself while raising her son, and seeing the struggles which her military veteran spouse faces, she sought to create a platform that shares the spirit of determination and dedication to goals which can seem like magic as it transforms one’s life. 

Our ideas fit in with those who seek a super hero adventure in their everyday lifestyle, living an ordinary life extraordinarily. 

We’ve been fortunate enough to sponsor an aspiring artist named Ravi who’s artistic efforts to meet our vision has help shape the aesthetic of anime physique and it has been inspiring to watch that talent develop.

Showcasing talent, whether through interviews or collaborating with storytellers and other artists is part of our focus and we encourage you to reach out to us to be featured in media or represented in a featured collection. Sponsoring other artists is at the heart of Anime Physique  as it shows that hard work towards your dreams and goals is truly Magic.


 Our Manufacturing & Personal Care Partners

Angel Face Baddies Self Care Collection is proud to have established a relationship with Cosmetics Nord through Anime Physique, especially since their facility utilizes 100% green electricity for manufacturing our products. Cosmetics Nord is a full service cosmetics manufacturer that has sold millions of products across Europe, North America, Australia and the Middle East. Founded in 2006, the company specializes in the development and manufacturing of environmentally conscious, vegan and cruelty-free face care, body care and hair care products. The founders passionately embrace nature and develop high quality, natural, organic products. While some may associate the use of proven natural actives with age old remedies, Cosmetics Nord harvests the power of nature using modern, highly-effective formulas that has been customized in fragrance and ingredients to best reflect Angle Face Baddies as an individual brand.

Many cosmetics brands, resorts, hotels, SPAs, beauty salons, among others have succeeded and grown with the help of Cosmetics Nord. Cosmetics Nord has a history of developing award winning formulas, recognized by Natural Health magazine in the United Kingdom, Gloria and Cosmopolitan Magazine in Finland, Shape magazine in Latvia and others.

The company uses machinery from Germany, Switzerland and Sweden to attain the most luxurious textures. The company only uses electricity from renewable sources for manufacturing. Cosmetics Nord comply with the ISO 22716:2007 quality standard, and are audited every year, in addition to creating products which are Allergen free, Nut free, Silicone free, Paraben free, EcoCert certified.

 Anime Physique also collaborated with Angel Face Baddies to customize personal care products through our relationships with Vitalabs manufactures an established nutritional consulting company since 1977. Vitalabs is certified by ISA (Islamic Services of America). All Vitalabs facilities are FDA regulated, inspected and registered. All Vitalabs facilities are NSF GMP registered, with 45 years of trusted experience.

Dragon Guard Drip initially sourced cacao husk tea exclusively through Hawaiian Crown Chocolate Factory and Plantation, however with the expanded reach provided by Anime Physique, Dragon Guard Drip was able to integrate coffee into their recipes with the help of Artizan Coffee Co. Artizan is a boutique Miami specialty coffee roaster that sources USDA certified organic coffee, most of which is also FairTrade, RainForest Alliance, UTZ, and Bird-Friendly Certified.

Our other exclusive health and wellness products are provided by FDA certified and trusted manufacturing facilities.