SpottedBikini Leather Backpack

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This Unisex Backpack is made of pebbled leather, which is durable, soft and wrinkle-resistant. This bag can be used for a long time without damage, and it has a large capacity. 

@SPOTTEDBIKINI MOSIAC ART derivatives The World's First CryptoPunks Super Model associated with an apparel line. Not associated with Larvalabs but inspired by the magic of the NFTCommunity #FashionNFT;

connected with our NFT series on Opensea and our Punk Hype Project - popularize the PUNKS

  1. Litchi pattern leather
  2. Adjustable shoulder straps
  3. Zipper closure
  4. Multiple pockets are convenient for sorting and storing items
  5. Litchi Grain Leather 
    Size Length(in/cm) Width(in/cm) Thickness(in/cm)
    L17" x W12.6" x H6.3" 16.9/43 12.6/32 6.3/16